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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Prospect Team NameDraft Year Overall Pick Information Lien
A.J. GreerIslanders
A.J. MichaelsonBlues
Aapeli RasanenSabres
Aaron GagnonStars
Aaron GensSharks
Aaron HarstadPenguins
Aaron HaydonBlues
Aaron IrvingCanucks
Adam AhmanSenators
Adam AlmquistPenguins
Adam BrizgalaPenguins
Adam BrooksSenators
Adam FoxSenators
Adam GaudetteFlyers
Adam HelewkaIslanders
Adam MarshCanucks
Adam MascherinPredators
Adam MusilFlames
Adam PetterssonCanucks
Adam RuzickaMaple Leafs
Adam ThilanderPredators
Adam WernerCanucks
Adrian VeidemanSharks
Ahti OksanenIslanders
Aidan KellyMaple Leafs
Alan LyszczarczykFlyers
Albert YarullinPanthers
Aleksei HeponiemiStars
Aleksi SaarelaWild
Ales StezkaBlackhawks
Alex BoakFlyers
Alex CoulombeBlues
Alex D'OrioPredators
Alex FormentonCanadiens
Alex GudbransonPredators
Alex IafalloIslanders
Alex KhokhlachevCanucks
Alex LafalloJets
Alex LepkowskiPredators
Alex MalletIslanders
Alex NedeljkovicStars
Alex PlantePredators
Alex SchoenbornIslanders
Alex VelischekDevils
Alexander AvtsynStars
Alexander BumaginOilers
Alexander DelnovPenguins
Alexander DergachyovFlyers
Alexander FallstromPredators
Alexander GuptillCanadiens
Alexander MacMillanLightning
Alexander NylanderWild
Alexander PetersPenguins
Alexander PoluninBlackhawks
Alexander SalakCanadiens
Alexander VasyunovDevils
Alexandre BolducStars
Alexandre BélangerStars
Alexandre CarrierWild
Alexandre FortinCapitals
Alexandre GirouxStars
Alexandre GouletWild
Alexandre TexierSabres
Alexei BereglazovBlackhawks
Alexei LipanovCapitals
Alexei ToropchenkoSabres
Alexis PepinPenguins
Alexis VanierIslanders
Alexx PriviteraPenguins
Anatoli GolyshevIslanders
Anders BjorkDevils
Andre BenoitFlyers
Andre PeterssonSharks
Andreas BorgmanLightning
Andreas JohnsonSharks
Andreas NodlOilers
Andrei GrishakovLightning
Andrei LoktionovBlues
Andrei MironovPenguins
Andrei SvetlakovBlackhawks
Andrej StastnyBruins
Andrew CherniwchanLightning
Andrew GordonJets
Andrew PeekeKings
Andrew PoturalskiIslanders
Andrew SarauerCanucks
Andrew YoganAvalanche
Andrey MakarovIslanders
Andy WelinskiIslanders
Anthony CirelliIslanders
Anthony DeLucaStars
Anthony NigroWild
Anthony RichardRangers
Anthony SalinitriLightning
Antoine MorandWild
Antoine SamuelBlues
Anton BelovIslanders
Anton ForsbergIslanders
Anton KarlssonSenators
Anton LindholmIslanders
Arkhip NekolenkoIslanders
Arnaud DurandeauLightning
Artem SergeevOilers
Artur KayumovDevils
Arturs KuldaWild
Artyom MinulinDucks
Ashton SautnerBlues
Atte EngrenPredators
Auguste ImposeRangers
Austen KeatingLightning
Austin CangelosiStars
Austin LotzSabres
Austin PoganskiSabres
Austin PrattPredators
Austin SmithStars
Austin WagnerBlues
Austin WuthrichCapitals
Austin WuthrichRed Wings
Axel HolmstromSharks
Axel Jonsson FjallbyFlyers
Barclay GoodrowIslanders
Beau SchmitzOilers
Beau StarrettStars
Beck MalenstynLightning
Ben RyanPredators
Ben ThomasSabres
Ben WilsonAvalanche
Ben WinnettMaple Leafs
Ben YoudsMaple Leafs
Benjamin ConzMaple Leafs
Benjamin Dieude-FauvelLightning
Benjamin GleasonDevils
Benjamin JonesPanthers
Benoit MondouDevils
Billy SweattPredators
Blake HeinrichBlues
Blake HillmanBlackhawks
Blake KesselIslanders
Blake SiebenalerWild
Blake SpeersFlames
Blake ThompsonBlues
Blake WeyrickPenguins
Bogdan YakimovBlues
Boris KatchoukFlyers
Borna RendulicBruins
Brad MorrisonWild
Brad RossIslanders
Brady BrassartBruins
Brady LambWild
Brady LyleCanadiens
Brady VailWild
Brandon BuckOilers
Brandon DenhamSabres
Brandon FortunatoIslanders
Brandon GignacStars
Brandon HagelSabres
Brandon HalversonDevils
Brandon McMillanStars
Brandon WongDevils
Brandon YadlowskiLightning
Brayden BurkeCanadiens
Brendan De JongPenguins
Brendan GuhleWild
Brendan HarmsIslanders
Brendan KichtonDevils
Brendan LemieuxCoyotes
Brendan MikkelsonStars
Brendan ShinniminKings
Brendan WarrenRed Wings
Brendan WoodsJets
Brendon NashStars
Brennan ServilleMaple Leafs
Brent BensonOilers
Brent GatesRed Wings
Brent MoranPanthers
Brett BulmerDevils
Brett HowdenOilers
Brett MurrayPanthers
Brett OlsonMaple Leafs
Brett PollockIslanders
Brett SonneBlues
Bretton StamlerWild
Brian CooperWild
Brian FerlinCanadiens
Brian FosterCanucks
Brian HartDevils
Brian PinhoJets
Brian StewartPredators
Broc LittleKings
Brodie DupontWild
Brodie MelnychukWild
Brogan O'BrienCanadiens
Bryan YoungLightning
Bryce MisleyGolden Knights
Bryce Van BrabantIslanders
Brycen MartinBlues
Bud HollowayJets
C.J. FranklinRangers
C.J. SmithIslanders
Cade FairchildBlues
Cal FooteCoyotes
Cale FleuryCapitals
Cale MakarFlyers
Caleb JonesWild
Calle RosenCanucks
Calvin PetersenBlues
Calvin ThurkaufCanadiens
Cam DineenDucks
Cameron CrottyStars
Cameron LizotteRangers
Cameron MorrisonOilers
Carl DahlstromSabres
Carl NeillStars
Carsen TwarynskiKings
Carson McMillanLightning
Carson SoucyJets
Carter HartSabres
Carter SandlakPredators
Carter VerhaegheBruins
Casey BaileyIslanders
Casey BorerPredators
Casey FitzgeraldPanthers
Casey MittelstadtFlyers
Casey WellmanMaple Leafs
Cayden PrimeauKings
Cedric Lalonde-McNicollOilers
Cedric ParéBlues
Chad BillinsJets
Chad KolarikSharks
Chad KrysStars
Chad WisemanCanucks
Chales McAvoyIslanders
Chandler YakimowiczCanucks
Charles SaraultCoyotes
Charles-Antoine MessierCanucks
Charlie DoderoCapitals
Charlie KronschnabelDevils
Charlie LindgrenCanadiens
Chase De LeoCoyotes
Chaz ReddekoppBlues
Chris CahillDevils
Chris CalnanMaple Leafs
Chris DiDominicoStars
Chris DriedgerCanadiens
Chris HigginsCoyotes
Chris HoltCanucks
Chris LangkowWild
Chris MartenetCanucks
Chris McCarthyBruins
Christian DjoosWild
Christian FischerFlames
Christian JarosCanadiens
Christian MartiCapitals
Christian WolaninSabres
Christoffer EhnIslanders
Christoph SchubertDevils
Christophe LalancettePenguins
Christopher JoyauxCapitals
Clark BishopIslanders
Clay WilsonStars
Clayton PhillipsStars
Cliff PuCanucks
Coda GordonMaple Leafs
Cody BeachIslanders
Cody GlassFlyers
Cody KunykBruins
Cody SolIslanders
Cody SylvesterOilers
Cody WildLightning
Colby CaveJets
Colby SissonsGolden Knights
Cole CandellaIslanders
Cole CasselsBruins
Cole UllyOilers
Colin JacobsOilers
Colin LongPredators
Colin StevensIslanders
Colin StuartPredators
Colin SullivanBlues
Collin BowmanWild
Colton PointAvalanche
Colton WhiteIslanders
Conner ChathamBlues
Connor BleackleyFlames
Connor BunnamanDevils
Connor ChathamIslanders
Connor CliftonKings
Connor HallIslanders
Connor HardowaDevils
Connor HobbsWild
Connor HurleyIslanders
Connor IngramAvalanche
Connor KnappStars
Connor RankinJets
Connor ShieldsDevils
Conor AllenIslanders
Conor TimminsCanadiens
Cooper MarodyOilers
Corbin McPhersonDevils
Corey LockePredators
Cory EmmertonIslanders
Cory KaneCanucks
Craig DuininckBlues
Craig ValetteCanucks
Craig WyszomirskiBlues
Curtis HamiltonMaple Leafs
Curtis ValkOilers
D'Artagan JolyGolden Knights
Dalton SmithBlues
Damien RiatBlackhawks
Dan EllisBruins
Dan GendurCanucks
Dan O'DonoghueBruins
Dana TyrellStars
Dane CrowleyLightning
Dane FoxBlues
Dani SkorikovBlues
Daniel AltshullerIslanders
Daniel AudetteStars
Daniel BrickleyOilers
Daniel KrejciBlues
Daniel KurovskyAvalanche
Daniel MarmenlindPenguins
Daniel Muzito BagendaSharks
Daniel RahimiCanucks
Daniel SenkbeilSharks
Daniel SprongAvalanche
Daniel SteinerDevils
Daniel VladarFlames
Daniil TarasovFlyers
Daniil TarasovMaple Leafs
Danny GroulxCanucks
Danny HobbsDevils
Dante FabbroOilers
Dante SalituroRangers
Danton HeinenIslanders
Darian DziurzynskiLightning
Darik AngeliLightning
Darren KramerIslanders
Darren RaddyshGolden Knights
Darryl BootlandDevils
Daultan LeveilleLightning
Dave BollandOilers
David BernhardtCanucks
David BrownPenguins
David CottonIslanders
David CousineauJets
David DziurzynskiBruins
David FarranceStars
David HenleyCanucks
David JonesJets
David KampfIslanders
David KaseWild
David KolomatisPredators
David KvasnickaPenguins
David LeNeveuLightning
David LiffitonDevils
David MacDonaldCanucks
David MakowskiAvalanche
David McIntyreStars
David MusilIslanders
David NoelBlues
David NorrisIslanders
David PopeKings
David QuennevilleRed Wings
David RohlfsOilers
David ToewsPredators
David UllstromIslanders
David WolfPenguins
Davis DrewiskePredators
Dayton RasmussenGolden Knights
Dean StrongDevils
Denis GurianovBlues
Denis KamaevOilers
Denis KasionovLightning
Denis SmirnovFlyers
Dennis CholowskiFlames
Dennis EndrasIslanders
Dennis EverbergIslanders
Dennis GilbertIslanders
Dennis McCauleyOilers
Dennis YanCanucks
Derek ArnoldLightning
Derek SmithPredators
Derick MartinCanucks
Deven SideroffBlackhawks
Devon ToewsStars
Dillon DubePredators
Dillon HeatheringtonCapitals
Dmitri RodionychevPenguins
Dmitri SamorukovRed Wings
Dmitry KorobovPenguins
Dmitry SokolovIslanders
Dmitry ZhukenovBlackhawks
Dmytro TimashovSabres
Dominic TurgeonIslanders
Dominik KubalikIslanders
Dominik UherSharks
Doyle SomerbyJets
Drake BathersonGolden Knights
Drew DanielsPredators
Drew LeblancIslanders
Dryden HuntIslanders
Dustin JeffreyAvalanche
Dylan CoghlanSabres
Dylan FergusonOilers
Dylan GambrellFlyers
Dylan KingBlues
Dylan LabbéBruins
Dylan SadowyJets
Dylan SambergSabres
Dylan SikuraBlackhawks
Dylan StromeFlames
Dylan WellsDevils
Dysin MayoCoyotes
Dyson StevensonDevils
Eamon McAdamStars
Eddie WittchowAvalanche
Edgars KuldaIslanders
Edwin MinneyPenguins
Eeli TolvanenPenguins
Eemeli RasanenCoyotes
Eero EloJets
Eetu LuostarinenFlyers
Eetu TuulolaRangers
Elias PetterssonFlames
Elvis MerzlikisIslanders
Emil BemstromSabres
Emil MolinRed Wings
Emil OksanenSabres
Emil PetterssonBlackhawks
Emil SandinDevils
Eriah HayesPredators
Eric CornelDevils
Eric HartzellCoyotes
Eric KnodelCanucks
Eric NeileyCapitals
Eric NeilsonPredators
Eric NystromPredators
Eric O'DellSenators
Eric RoyBlues
Erik BrannstromOilers
Erik CernakIslanders
Erik FoleyOilers
Erik KarlssonSabres
Erik NystromAvalanche
Ethan BearWild
Evan AllenPredators
Evan BarlowOilers
Evan BarrattPanthers
Evan CormierAvalanche
Evan FitzpatrickDucks
Evan FullerCanucks
Evan SmithPredators
Evan TruppMaple Leafs
Evgeni KrutikovLightning
Fabian ZetterlundBlackhawks
Fabrice HerzogFlames
Fedor GordeevBlues
Felix SandstromSabres
Filip AhlOilers
Filip BerglundBlackhawks
Filip ChlapikHurricanes
Filip ChytilBlackhawks
Filip GustavssonBlues
Filip HronekSabres
Filip SandbergSharks
Filip WesterlundBlues
Finn EvansGolden Knights
Francis BeauvillierPenguins
Francis PerronOilers
Francis WathierStars
Francois BouchardStars
Francois TremblayPredators
Frederick RoySharks
Fredrik BergvikBlackhawks
Fredrik ForsbergBlackhawks
Fredrik JohanssonOilers
Fredrik KarlstromBlackhawks
Fredrik LarssonCapitals
Frédéric AllardFlyers
Fyodor MalykhinIslanders
Félix GirardIslanders
Gabe VilardiDucks
Gabriel BeaupreBlues
Gabriel BourretOilers
Gabriel CarlssonSenators
Gabriel DesjardinsRed Wings
Gabriel FontaineBlues
Gabriel GagneAvalanche
Gabriel SylvestreCanadiens
Gabryel Paquin-BoudreauStars
Gaelan PattersonLightning
Garret SparksSabres
Garrett MeursOilers
Garrett ThompsonBruins
Gavin BayreutherPredators
Geoff PetersDevils
Geoff WalkerBlues
Gergo NagyCanucks
German RubstovFlyers
Giorgio EstephanIslanders
Givani SmithGolden Knights
Glenn FisherOilers
Glenn GawdinWild
Gord BaldwinPredators
Graeme CraigCapitals
Graham KnottRangers
Graham McPheeAvalanche
Grant RollheiserPenguins
Greg BetzgoldJets
Greg CareyIslanders
Greg ClassenDevils
Greg MillerDevils
Gregory CampbellFlyers
Griffen MolinoIslanders
Griffin LuceIslanders
Guillaume AsselinRangers
Guillaume BriseboisJets
Guillaume DesbiensWild
Gustav BourammanDucks
Gustav LindstromSharks
Gustav OlhaverPredators
Gustav PosslerIslanders
Hannu ToivonenLightning
Hayden VerbeekDevils
Haydn FleuryJets
Henri JokiharjuBlackhawks
Henrik BorgstromSenators
Henrik HaapalaCapitals
Henrik ThegelPredators
Hudson ElynuikCanucks
Hudson FaschingBruins
Hugo DanielssonPanthers
Hunter BishopStars
Hunter FejesWild
Hunter MiskaBlackhawks
Hunter SmithCoyotes
Iakov TreninWild
Ian MitchellSabres
Ian ScottStars
Igor BobkovRangers
Igor ShestyorkinGolden Knights
Igor ShvyryovSabres
Ilari MelartIslanders
Ilya KablukovCanucks
Ilya KrikunovCanucks
Ilya SorokinCapitals
Isaac RatcliffeCanucks
Ivan ChekhovichFlyers
Ivan KosorenkovSharks
Ivan NikolishinSharks
Ivan TeleginSharks
Ivan VishnevskiyStars
J. Van PottelbergheSabres
J.P. AndersonBruins
J.P. TestwuideOilers
Jace CoyleBlues
Jack AhcanPanthers
Jack GloverCanucks
Jack KopackaKings
Jack LafontaineRangers
Jack RathboneCanadiens
Jack RoslovicOilers
Jack SadekRangers
Jack StudnickaFlyers
Jackson HouckRangers
Jacob BerglundOilers
Jacob CederholmAvalanche
Jacob FallonPenguins
Jacob JaremkoRed Wings
Jacob LarssonFlyers
Jacob MiddletonCoyotes
Jacob MoverareAvalanche
Jacob NeveuCanucks
Jacob PaquettePredators
Jaedon DescheneauRangers
Jake BeanFlames
Jake BischoffIslanders
Jake DuganGolden Knights
Jake EvansStars
Jake LeschyshynPenguins
Jake MassieOilers
Jake OettingerStars
Jake PatersonFlyers
Jake WalmanDevils
Jakob Forsbacka-KarlssonSabres
Jakob StukelCanadiens
Jakub CulekSharks
Jakub GalvasPenguins
Jakub JerabekOilers
Jakub ZborilPenguins
Jalen SmereckIslanders
James GreenwayPenguins
James LivingstonBlues
James MartinLightning
James MelindyLightning
James WrightOilers
Jamie FritschLightning
Jamie MacQueenDevils
Jamie PhillipsIslanders
Jan KernPanthers
Jan KovarIslanders
Jan MandatSharks
Jan RuttaSharks
Jani LajunenPanthers
Janne KuokkanenSabres
Jared AulinOilers
Jared GomesBruins
Jared HaufIslanders
Jared KnightDevils
Jared StaalAvalanche
Jaret Anderson-DolanGolden Knights
Jarod PalmerLightning
Jaroslav JanusStars
Jarret TyszkaWild
Jason ClarkBlues
Jason KasdorfIslanders
Jason SalvaggioJets
Jay HarrisonJets
Jayden HalbgewachsPanthers
Jayden HartCapitals
Jaynen RisslingPredators
Jean BourbeauDevils
Jean-Christophe BeaudinStars
Jean-Francois LeblancOilers
Jean-Michel RizkLightning
Jean-Philippe CoteStars
Jeff De WitLightning
Jeff FrazeeDevils
Jeff TambelliniJets
Jeff TaylorPanthers
Jens LookeSabres
Jeremiah AddisonPredators
Jeremie BlainSenators
Jeremy Boyce RotevallDevils
Jeremy BraccoIslanders
Jeremy LauzonBlues
Jerome Gauthier-LeducOilers
Jesper BoqvistFlyers
Jesper LindgrenRed Wings
Jesper PetterssonStars
Jesse GabrielleDucks
Jesse JoensuuSharks
Jesse KoskenkorvaPanthers
Jesse WinchesterPanthers
Jim SharrowCanucks
Jiri SekacCoyotes
Joakim AnderssonJets
Jocktan ChaineyPredators
Joe BasarabaSharks
Joe HickettsStars
Joe WegwerthIslanders
Joel BrodaBlues
Joel ChouinardLightning
Joel GistedtPredators
Joel PerraultCanucks
Joel TeasdaleCanadiens
Joel VienneauWild
Joey HaddadBlues
Joey HishonPredators
Joey LeachWild
Joey MartinDevils
Joey SidesDevils
Johan AlmIslanders
Johan GustafssonIslanders
Johan HarjuLightning
Johan SundstromStars
John AlbertJets
John LalibertePredators
John MarinoPanthers
John NybergBlackhawks
John PerssonPanthers
John StevensAvalanche
Jonah GadjovichPredators
Jonas AhnelovBlues
Jonas AlmtorpOilers
Jonas HolosDevils
Jonas RondbjergGolden Knights
Jonas SiegenthalerRangers
Jonathan AngCanucks
Jonathan DahlenFlyers
Jonathan HazenSenators
Jonathan JohanssonCanucks
Jonathan MacLeodCanucks
Jonathan SigaletOilers
Jonathan SmartDucks
Joni IkonenPanthers
Jonne TammelaFlames
Jonny BrodzinskiCanadiens
Joonas JarvinenLightning
Joonas KemppainenIslanders
Joonas LyytinenBlackhawks
Joonas RaskIslanders
Jordan BendfeldOilers
Jordan KyrouDevils
Jordan PapirnyStars
Jordan SchmaltzCanucks
Jordan StallardPenguins
Jordy BelleriveSabres
Josef HrabalOilers
Joseph AndersonDevils
Joseph MasoniusDevils
Joseph WollAvalanche
Josh ArchibaldCanadiens
Josh BirkholzLightning
Josh BrookSenators
Josh GrattonLightning
Josh HealeyIslanders
Josh HolmstromBlues
Josh MahuraPenguins
Josh McFaddenOilers
Josh NichollsCapitals
Josh NorrisBruins
Josh RobinsonWild
Joshua JacobsStars
Juho LammikkoOilers
Julien GauthierKings
Julien NantelBlues
Julien PelletierWild
Julius BergmanSharks
Jussi OlkinuoraCoyotes
Jussi RynnasIslanders
Jusso IkonenSharks
Justin CrandallBlues
Justin FlorekPenguins
Justin HacheJets
Justin HickmanPredators
Justin KellerLightning
Justin KirklandBruins
Justin SeftonPanthers
Justin SoryalLightning
Justin TaylorPredators
Juuso ValimakiJets
Jérémy GrégoireStars
Jérémy RoyStars
Kaapo KahkonenRed Wings
Kaeton MiddletonJets
Kailer YamamotoWild
Kale ClagueSenators
Kale KessyIslanders
Kale KossilaBlackhawks
Kameron KiellyRed Wings
Karch BachmanRangers
Karel VejmelkaBlackhawks
Karson KuhlmanRangers
Kasimir KaskisuoBlackhawks
Kasper BjorkqvistAvalanche
Kasper KotkansaloRed Wings
Kasperi KapanenBlackhawks
Kay SchweriStars
Kayle DoetzelKings
Keaton EllerbyJets
Keaton ThompsonDevils
Keegan IversonCanucks
Keegan KanzigRangers
Keegan KolesarBlues
Keith PetruzzeliPenguins
Keith SeabrookPredators
Kelsey WilsonPredators
Ken ApplebyStars
Kendall McFaullPenguins
Kenny SmithOilers
Keven VeilleuxOilers
Kevin CzuczmanIslanders
Kevin GagnéFlyers
Kevin GoumasBruins
Kevin HancockGolden Knights
Kevin LalibertéBlues
Kevin LindWild
Kevin MarshallBruins
Kevin McLeodOilers
Kevin NastiukCanucks
Kevin PoulinCoyotes
Kevin QuickLightning
Kevin SchaefferDevils
Kevin StenlundAvalanche
Kevin SundherSenators
Kieffer BellowsAvalanche
Kip BrennanCanucks
Kirill GotovetsSharks
Kirill KaprizovWild
Kirill MaksimovSabres
Kirill PetrovCanucks
Kirill PilipenkoSharks
Kirill SlepetsSabres
Kirill TulupovDevils
Kirill UstimenkoBlackhawks
Klim KostinIslanders
Kole LindWild
Kristian NakyvaCanucks
Kristian ReichelFlyers
Kristian VesalainenMaple Leafs
Kristofer BerglundPredators
Krystofer BarchOilers
Kurtis GabrielIslanders
Kyle BaileyDevils
Kyle BaunIslanders
Kyle BeattieSharks
Kyle De CosteCanucks
Kyle FlanaganCapitals
Kyle HeneganDevils
Kyle JeanBlues
Kyle MaksimovichCanadiens
Kyle OlsonGolden Knights
Kyle WoodStars
Ladislav SmidSenators
Lane ScheidlJets
Lane ZablockiCanadiens
Lars JohanssonIslanders
Lassi LehtinenPredators
Liam ReddoxStars
Lias AnderssonCoyotes
Libor HajekSabres
Libor SulakBlackhawks
Linus HultstromSharks
Linus LindstromPenguins
Linus NassenSabres
Linus NymanFlyers
Linus WeissbachSharks
Logan BrownSenators
Logan CockerillCapitals
Logan HalladayRangers
Logan NelsonIslanders
Logan StanleyCanadiens
Loik LéveilléFlyers
Louis-Marc AubryWild
Louis-Philippe GuindonPredators
Luca CuntiLightning
Lucas CarlssonAvalanche
Lucas JohansenCapitals
Ludwig BlomstrandOilers
Lukas BengtssonBlackhawks
Lukas DouderaSabres
Lukas ElvenesRed Wings
Lukas FluelerDevils
Lukas JasekSabres
Lukas SutterPredators
Lukas VejdemoStars
Luke AdamCoyotes
Luke GreenCanucks
Luke KirwanSabres
Luke KuninStars
Luke MartinFlames
Luke MoffattBruins
Luke OpilkaRangers
Mac BennetStars
MacAuley CarsonPredators
Mackenzie EntwistleKings
Mackenzie MaceachernPredators
Mads EllerJets
Magnus NygrenOilers
Malte StromwallSharks
Mantas ArmalisCanadiens
Manuel WiedererCanadiens
Marc-Andre GragnaniStars
Marc-Antoine PouliotStars
Marc-Olivier RoySabres
Marc-Olivier VallerandBlues
Marco CousineauBlues
Marcus DavidssonOilers
Marcus HogbergSharks
Marcus McIvorPredators
Marcus PetterssonCoyotes
Marcus SorensenIslanders
Marek ViedenskyPredators
Marian StudenicCanadiens
Mario FerraroPanthers
Mario KempeIslanders
Mark ArcobelloMaple Leafs
Mark CundariBlues
Mark FriedmanStars
Mark JankowskiCapitals
Mark KaticIslanders
Mark MacMillanStars
Mark MancariStars
Mark McNeillWild
Mark OlverPanthers
Mark OwuyaIslanders
Mark RubinchikSabres
Mark SantorelliPredators
Mark Van GuilderCanucks
Markus LauridsenOilers
Markus NiemelainenOilers
Markus NurmiDevils
Martin DzierkalsIslanders
Martin GernatOilers
Martin KarlssonCanucks
Martin NecasDucks
Martin RewayPenguins
Mason McDonaldCoyotes
Mason ShawKings
Mat RobinsonMaple Leafs
Matej MachovskyIslanders
Matej TomekDucks
Mathew BerryFlyers
Mathias FromSabres
Mathieu AubinBlues
Mathieu Corbeil-TheriaultBlues
Mathieu JosephIslanders
Mathieu SevignyBlues
Mathieu TousignantBlues
Matia MarcantuoniStars
Matiss KivlenieksWild
Matt BarzalCapitals
Matt BuckelsJets
Matt ButcherCanucks
Matt CareyBruins
Matt CaseMaple Leafs
Matt D'AgostiniCanucks
Matt DeblouwBlues
Matt DuffyLightning
Matt FilipeDevils
Matt FraserPredators
Matt GarbowskyCanucks
Matt GlasserOilers
Matt HighmoreBlackhawks
Matt IacopelliIslanders
Matt JonesLightning
Matt KonanCapitals
Matt LindbladPredators
Matt MarquardtPanthers
Matt MarshallLightning
Matt MisteleSabres
Matt MurphyMaple Leafs
Matt O'ConnorWild
Matt PelechWild
Matt PierceLightning
Matt PrapavessisFlyers
Matt WatkinsStars
Matt WillowsAvalanche
Matthew CairnsIslanders
Matthew MurrayGolden Knights
Matthew PhillipsCanucks
Matthew SpencerSabres
Matthew StromeGolden Knights
Matthew VillaltaFlyers
Matthias PlachtaCanucks
Mattias BackmanIslanders
Mattias ElfstromPredators
Mattias JanmarkIslanders
Mattias RitolaStars
Max EversonDevils
Max GardinerMaple Leafs
Max GildonFlyers
Max JonesCoyotes
Max LafrateLightning
Max LajoieFlyers
Max NicastroMaple Leafs
Max ZimmerAvalanche
Maxim GoncharovOilers
Maxim LetunovSharks
Maxim MaminBlackhawks
Maxim ShalunovIslanders
Maxim TretiakRangers
Maxim TrunevStars
Maxime ClermontPredators
Maxime ComtoisSenators
Maxime FortierDevils
Maxime SauveOilers
Maximilien Le SieurOilers
Merrick MadsenBlackhawks
Michael AmadioSabres
Michael BuntingSabres
Michael CarusoPredators
Michael Dal ColleFlames
Michael DipietroIslanders
Michael GarteigCanadiens
Michael JolyBlackhawks
Michael KaplaIslanders
Michael KarowGolden Knights
Michael LeeLightning
Michael McLeodOilers
Michael McNivenSabres
Michael MorrisonOilers
Michael NealStars
Michael O'LearyDevils
Michael PaliottaIslanders
Michael PastujovRed Wings
Michael SchumacherRed Wings
Michael SpacekSabres
Michael WardLightning
Michael ZadorPredators
Michal CajkovskyAvalanche
Michal HlinkaBruins
Michal JordanBruins
Mikael JohanssonSharks
Mikael SalmivirtaCanucks
Mike ClementeCanucks
Mike CornellBlues
Mike GabinetOilers
Mike HoeffelDevils
Mike McKeeWild
Mike McNultyJets
Mike PereiraPredators
Mike RichardsStars
Mike WintherMaple Leafs
Mikey AndersonPredators
Mikhail BerdinSabres
Mikhail GrabovskiFlyers
Mikhail MaltsevSabres
Mikhail StefanovichPredators
Mikhail VorobyovBlackhawks
Mikhail ZhukovOilers
Mikko KoskinenIslanders
Mikko LehtonenStars
Miles GendronRangers
Milos BubelaSenators
Miro AaltonenSabres
Miro HeiskanenDucks
Mitch HolmbergCoyotes
Mitch HultsIslanders
Mitch MattsonPanthers
Mitch WahlIslanders
Mitchell MorozWild
Mitchell StephensFlames
Mitchell Vande SompelCanucks
Mitchell WheatonBlues
Morgan GeekieKings
Morgan KlimchukJets
Morten MadsenStars
Mtch FaddenLightning
Nate KnoepkePenguins
Nate SchnarrPredators
Nathan BastianCanucks
Nathan GerbeStars
Nathan HortonPenguins
Nathan LawsonCanucks
Nathan MoonBlues
Nathan NoelStars
Nathan PerkovichDevils
Neal PionkOilers
Nelson NogierStars
Nic HagueStars
Nic RiopelSharks
Nicholas BrouillardRed Wings
Nicholas CaamanoAvalanche
Nicholas RiouxBlues
Nicholas TrecapelliSenators
Nick BailenMaple Leafs
Nick BaptisteBruins
Nick BokaIslanders
Nick DrazenovicBlues
Nick HenryGolden Knights
Nick HutchinsonRed Wings
Nick LuukkoBlues
Nick McbrideBlues
Nick MerkleyAvalanche
Nick MoutreyJets
Nick PageauFlyers
Nick PastujovSharks
Nick PetersenSharks
Nick PetreckiCanucks
Nick SchausMaple Leafs
Nick SchneiderFlyers
Nick SorensenDevils
Nick SuzukiPredators
Nicklas LasuBlues
Nico HischierOilers
Nico SacchettiStars
Nicolas DeschampsWild
Nicolas KerdilesIslanders
Nicolas MelocheRangers
Nicolas RoyFlames
Nikita CherepanovAvalanche
Nikita FilatovSabres
Nikita GusevRangers
Nikita KorostelevKings
Nikita NikitinMaple Leafs
Nikita PopugaevRed Wings
Nikita ScherbakPanthers
Niklas HanssonDevils
Niklas SvedbergIslanders
Niko MikkolaBlackhawks
Niko SnellmanPredators
Nikolai ChebykynRangers
Nikolai GoldobinSharks
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenBlackhawks
Nikolas KobersteinStars
Nikolay ProkhorkinRangers
Noah CatesRed Wings
Noah GregorGolden Knights
Noah JuulsenPredators
Noah RodDevils
Noel HoefenmayerLightning
Nolan De JongJets
Nolan StevensStars
Nolan ZajacBruins
Oliver KylingtonSabres
Oliver LauridsenPenguins
Olivier LabelleDevils
Olivier LeblancStars
Olivier MagnanDevils
Olivier MalkaStars
Olivier RoyOilers
Olle Eriksson EkDucks
Olli JuoleviAvalanche
Ondrej NajmanAvalanche
Ondrej RomanStars
Ondrej ValaRangers
Orein EizenmanDevils
Oscar FantenbergIslanders
Oskar LindblomSabres
Oskar OsalaStars
Oskar SteenSabres
Oskars BartulisOilers
Ostap SafinCanadiens
Otso RantakariSabres
Otto KoivulaSharks
Otto LatvalaPredators
Otto MakinenDucks
Otto SomppiBlues
Owen TippettCapitals
Parker WotherspoonPredators
Pascal LabergeJets
Pascal MorencyLightning
Pat CannoneBruins
Patrick BrownFlames
Patrick CehlinFlyers
Patrick GalivanLightning
Patrick HarperStars
Patrick KilleenMaple Leafs
Patrick McNallyCanadiens
Patrick McNeillStars
Patrick RussellCanadiens
Patrick WatlingCapitals
Paul BittnerIslanders
Pavel JenysJets
Pavel KarnaukhovSharks
Pavel KoltyginSabres
Pavel KraskovskyCanadiens
Pavel ShenBlue Jackets
Perttu LindgrenStars
Peter CehlarikDevils
Peter OlveckyStars
Peter QuennevilleJets
Peter TrainorStars
Petr VranaDevils
Petr ZamorskyIslanders
Petter EmanuelssonCapitals
Philip HolmCanadiens
Philip LaneWild
Philip-Michael DevosStars
Philippe DesrosiersIslanders
Philippe HudonStars
Philippe MyersCanadiens
Pierre-Marc BouchardBruins
Pierre-Olivier JosephBruins
Pius SuterBlackhawks
Prahb RaiOilers
Quentin ShorePenguins
Radel FazleevRangers
Radovan BondraIslanders
Ralfs FreibergsCapitals
Raman HrabarenkaCoyotes
Raphael BussieresCoyotes
Rasmus AnderssonSabres
Rasmus AsplundCanadiens
Rasmus RissanenBlues
Raymond SawadaStars
Reece WillcoxOilers
Reid GardinerCanucks
Reilly WalshPredators
Rem PitlickBlackhawks
Remi ElieCanucks
Rene SvobodaPredators
Rhett HollandPredators
Richard NedomlelKings
Richard NejezchlebPanthers
Rickard HuggGolden Knights
Riley BraceSenators
Riley StillmanFlyers
Riley TuftePanthers
Rob HennigarLightning
Robbie BaillargeonRangers
Robby DeeOilers
Robert CzarnikCanucks
Robert DietrichPredators
Robert LipsbergBlackhawks
Robert ThomasCapitals
Robin KovacsWild
Robin NorellBlackhawks
Robin SaloBlackhawks
Roman HorakDevils
Roman WillCapitals
Ronalds KeninsIslanders
Roope HintzBlackhawks
Ross ColtonIslanders
Ross ColtonAvalanche
Rourke ChartierFlyers
Rudolfs BalcersBlackhawks
Ryan ButtonPanthers
Ryan CollinsStars
Ryan CulkinStars
Ryan DonatoWild
Ryan FitzgeraldRangers
Ryan FlynnPredators
Ryan GroppSenators
Ryan HaggertyCoyotes
Ryan HitchcookIslanders
Ryan LindgrenDucks
Ryan MacInnisPenguins
Ryan ManthaBlackhawks
Ryan MartindaleCoyotes
Ryan MolleDevils
Ryan PilonStars
Ryan PoehlingCanucks
Ryan RupertIslanders
Ryan SchnellLightning
Ryan ShannonDevils
Ryan StoaWild
Ryan TesinkSenators
Ryan ThangPredators
Ryan WaltersCanucks
Ryan WatsonPanthers
Sacha GuimondBlues
Saku MäenalanenRangers
Sam AnasCanadiens
Sam KlassenDevils
Sam SteelBruins
Sam VigneaultAvalanche
Sami AittokallioIslanders
Samu PerhonenDevils
Samuel BlaisFlames
Samuel BucekRed Wings
Samuel Dove-McFallsCanucks
Samuel HenleyOilers
Samuel KurkerMaple Leafs
Samuel LabergePredators
Samuel MontebaultIslanders
Samuel MorinCapitals
Samuel NoreauStars
Sasha ChmelevskiRed Wings
Sawn BoudriasPredators
Scooter BrickleyMaple Leafs
Scott FordSharks
Scott GlennieOilers
Scott HannanBlues
Scott JacksonPredators
Scott KosmachukBruins
Scott ReedyIslanders
Scott StajcerOilers
Scott ValentinePanthers
Scott WalfordFlyers
Seamus MaloneWild
Sean DaySenators
Sean MaguireIslanders
Sean MaloneJets
Sean SullivanStars
Sebastian AhoBlackhawks
Sebastian CollbergSabres
Sebastian RepoBlues
Sebastian WannstromStars
Sebastien PicheMaple Leafs
Sergei AndronovIslanders
Sergei KorostinStars
Sergei KukushinStars
Sergei PlotnikovPredators
Sergei SamsonovDevils
Sergei ShirokovCanucks
Sergei ZborovskiyBlackhawks
Seth AmbrozIslanders
Severin BlidenbacherLightning
Shane BerschbachAvalanche
Shane BowersSabres
Shane EisermanBlue Jackets
Shane GersichStars
Shane McColganWild
Shane O'BrienStars
Shaun HeshkaCanucks
Shawn SzydlowskiDevils
Shayne TakerPanthers
Shayne WiebeDevils
Simon BourqueBlues
Simon GagneBlues
Simon HjalmarssonBlues
Simon StranskyDucks
Slava TrukhnoOilers
Sondre OldenStars
Spencer AbbottJets
Spencer BennettDevils
Spencer FooWild
Spencer WatsonStars
Stefan Della RoverePredators
Stefan ElliottPenguins
Stepan FalkovskyPenguins
Stephan VigierBlues
Stephane Da CostaCanadiens
Stephen DesrocherBlackhawks
Stephen DhillonFlyers
Stephen HarperJets
Stephen JohnstonCanucks
Stephen MichalekMaple Leafs
Stephen MillerMaple Leafs
Stephen SilasWild
Steve SpinellBlues
Steve ZalewskiSharks
Steven DelisleBlues
Steven FogartyDevils
Steven HodgesDevils
Steven SeigoBlues
Steven ShamanskiBlues
Stuart PercySabres
Stuart SkinnerBlues
T.J. HensickSharks
T.J. MillerDevils
T.J. SynerDevils
Tanner EberleCapitals
Tanner KaspickIslanders
Tanner LaczynskiIslanders
Tarmo ReunanenSabres
Tate OlsonCanucks
Taylor AronsonPredators
Taylor CammarataIslanders
Taylor DohertyCoyotes
Taylor LeierOilers
Taylor MatsonCanucks
Taylor PetersJets
Taylor RaddyshDucks
Taylor VauseBruins
Thatcher DemkoMaple Leafs
Theo PeckhamOilers
Theo RuthPredators
Theodor BluegerDevils
Thomas ChabotGolden Knights
Thomas GrégoireStars
Thomas LarkinBlues
Thomas NovakCapitals
Thomas SchemitschWild
Tim BozonSabres
Tim GettingerPenguins
Tim KennedyJets
Tim MillerDevils
Timotej SillePredators
Timothy LiljegrenBlackhawks
Tobias GeisserBlackhawks
Tobias StephanStars
Tom NilssonIslanders
Tomas KopeckyWild
Tomas KundratekCapitals
Tomas NosekIslanders
Tommy MillerPredators
Tommy VeilleuxPredators
Toni RajalaOilers
Tony RomanoDevils
Torrie JungLightning
Travis BarronCanucks
Travis BrownPenguins
Travis DermottFlyers
Travis EhrhardtWild
Travis EwanykWild
Travis SanheimSabres
Trent FredericKings
Trevor CannWild
Trevor KellMaple Leafs
Trevor LudwigStars
Trevor MuprhyIslanders
Trevor ParkesStars
Trevor SmithJets
Troy BourkeDevils
Troy TerryPredators
Troy VanceStars
Tucker PoolmanIslanders
Ty LewisOilers
Ty RimmerBlues
Ty RonningRangers
Ty StantonKings
Tyler BensonAvalanche
Tyler BeskorowanyIslanders
Tyler BiggsDevils
Tyler BrennerDevils
Tyler BrownSenators
Tyler EckfordDevils
Tyler GoulbourneIslanders
Tyler GronBlues
Tyler InamotoLightning
Tyler KelleherStars
Tyler MoyCanadiens
Tyler MurovichCanucks
Tyler ParsonsSenators
Tyler SoyFlyers
Tyler SpurgeonOilers
Tyler SteenbergenKings
Tyrel SeamanPanthers
Tyson BaillieBlackhawks
Tyson JostDucks
Tyson SexsmithSharks
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenBlackhawks
Urho VaakanainenCapitals
Vaclav KarabacekWild
Vadim ShipachyovIslanders
Valeri KlimovDevils
Valeri NichuskinCapitals
Veeti VainioSabres
Veini VehvilainenDucks
Victor BartleyJets
Victor BerglindOilers
Victor Crus RydbergBruins
Viktor AntipinFlames
Viktor EjdsellIslanders
Viktor LoovSabres
Viktor SjodinPredators
Vili SaarijarviSharks
Vili SopanenDevils
Vince DunnStars
Vincent ArseneauBlues
Vincent DunnOilers
Vinny SaponariSenators
Vitali AbramovOilers
Vitek VanecekCanadiens
Vladimir KuznetsovAvalanche
Vladimir TkachevWild
Vladislav GavrikovSharks
Vladislav KamenevBruins
Vladislav LysenkoStars
Vladislav ShalimovOilers
Vladislav SukhachyovDevils
Vojtech BudikRed Wings
Vojtech PolakStars
Vyacheslav OsnovinStars
Wade AllisonFlyers
Wade MacLeodCanucks
Waltteri HopponenSabres
Wilhelm WestlundBlackhawks
Will ActonBruins
Will BorgenRed Wings
Will ButcherFlames
Will LockwoodFlyers
Will ReillyPredators
Will WeberLightning
William BittenFlames
William KnierimDevils
William LagessonBlue Jackets
William QuistOilers
William WrennStars
Wouter PeetersIslanders
Yan-Pavel LaplanteStars
Yann SauveWild
Yannick VeilleuxOilers
Yaroslav DyblenkoIslanders
Yegor KorshkovRangers
Yegor RykovDevils
Yevgeni MityakinSabres
Yuri AlexandrovLightning
Zac LarrazaAvalanche
Zach Aston-ReesePanthers
Zach GallantLightning
Zach HamillPredators
Zach NastasiukSabres
Zach PalmquistIslanders
Zach PochiroIslanders
Zach SawchenkoStars
Zach SolowBlackhawks
Zach StepanStars
Zach YuenAvalanche
Zachary LauzonPanthers
Zachary SenyshynKings
Zack FitzGeraldLightning
Zack LeslieWild
Zack MitchellSabres
Zack PhillipsStars
Zack TorquatoSenators
Zane McIntyreStars
Ziyat PaiginSharks
Zkhar ArzamatsevOilers
Étienne MarcouxJets